The undersigned nextmeet global Kft. as the Data Controller provides the following information to the Data Subject regarding the processing of the personal data provided to it:

1. Scope of personal data processed:

The Data Controller processes the following personal data provided by the Data Subject:

All data that the user provides during registration.

2. Legal basis for data processing:

Act CXII of 2011 (Privacy Act) or the consent of the Data Subject. Personal data may only be processed with informed consent.

Please note that the processing is based on your consent. You are required to provide personal data when using the service. Failure to do so will result in our inability to provide the service.

3. Purpose of data processing:

The purpose of the processing is to provide the Data Subject with appropriate information, offers, services and contact and, in the event of a complaint, to enable the communication of the complaint, to identify the complaint and to record the obligations and mandatory data arising from the law.

4. Data transmission:

The Data Controller may transfer the Data Subject's personal data to third parties and to third countries and international organisations only with the Data Subject's explicit consent.

5. Who is authorised to process the data:

Name: nextmeet global Kft.

6. Duration of data processing:

Duration of processing for all processing activities on a voluntary basis lasts

a) until the purpose is achieved and the personal data are deleted, or

b) until the Data Subject’s consent to the processing of his/her data is withdrawn and his/her personal data is deleted,

(c) until the execution of a decision of a court or public authority requiring erasure or, in the absence of such a provision and unless otherwise provided by law,

(d) until the limitation period for the enforcement of rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship in relation to which the Controller processes the personal data. In terms of the applicable Article 6:22 paragraph (1) of the Civil Code, the data shall be retained for 5 years, and the records shall be kept for 8 years pursuant to Section 169 paragraph (1) of the Act C of 2000 on Accounting.

In the case of mandatory data processing, the applicable law or municipal regulation sets the duration of data processing.

7. Rights and remedies relating to data processing:

The Data Subject may request the provision of information by the Data Controller, the deletion, rectification or blocking of data, or object to the processing of data, as provided for in the Privacy Policy and the Information Notice on Data Subject Rights.

If the Data Subject considers the processing to be unlawful, he or she may claim compensation or damages, take legal action, initiate supervisory authority proceedings or lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Officer.

8. Contact details

Contact details of the Data Controller:

Company name: nextmeet global Kft.

Registered office: Hungary 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Zengő út 10.

Company registration number: 20-09-075790

Tax ID: 26185877-1-20


Date ..........................., .................year ....................... month ......... day


                                                                                                                        Data Controller

Process for deleting personal data

The user may request the deletion of his or her data by writing to .

To do so, it is necessary to provide the user's registration email address.


Company name: nextmeet global Kft.

Registered office: H- 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Zengő út 10.

Company registration number: 20-09-075790

Tax ID: 26185877-1-20


hereinafter referred to as the Company

has established a Complaints Handling Policy to ensure transparent, efficient and effective handling and investigation of complaints from Data Subjects according to uniform rules.

This policy is based on Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR).

The data of the complainant shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter referred to as "Privacy Act").


  1. How to report a complaint

Verbal complaint

The verbal complaint should be investigated immediately and remedied as necessary. If the Data Subject does not agree with the handling of the complaint or if it is not possible to investigate the complaint immediately, the Company will promptly take a record of the complaint and its position on the complaint.

The Company shall provide a copy of the minutes to

In the case of telephone complaint handling, telephone communication with the telephone helpdesk must be audio-recorded and the audio-recording must be kept for 5 (five) years. The audio-recording must be brought to the attention of the customer at the start of the call.

Upon request of the client, the audio-recording shall be made available for listening back and a certified transcript of the audio-recording shall be made available free of charge within fifteen days.

The Company must assign a unique identification number to any oral complaint made by telephone or electronic communication service. The introduction of a unique identification number shall facilitate the traceability of the complaint. This number shall also be communicated to the Data Subject.

The record of the complaint must include the following:

In the event of a verbal complaint, the Company shall provide the Data Subject with the following means for making a complaint:

  1. In person:

In person after online consultation.

b) By telephone

Written complaint

By proxy:

2. Registering the complaint

The Company keeps a record of complaints and the measures taken to settle or resolve them. The records shall include:

The complaint and the response must be kept for five years.

3. Legal remedies

In the event of a total or partial rejection of the complaint, or if the 30 (thirty) day statutory time limit for responding to the complaint has expired without result, the Data Subject may turn to the following bodies or authorities:

1) If the complaint relates to a refusal by the controller to provide information, rectification, blocking or erasure in relation to data processing, the complaint may be addressed to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Name: National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Headquarters: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.

Postal address: Hungary 1363 Budapest, PO Box 9.


Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400

Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410


2) In the event of a dispute relating to the formation, validity, effects and termination of the contract, as well as to breaching the contract and its effects, a conciliation procedure may be initiated at the Conciliation Board.

Name: Budapest Conciliation Board

Headquarters: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina körút 99. I. emelet 111.


Phone: (1) 488-2131

Fax: (1) 488.2186


3) The district offices are the first instance in consumer protection matters.

4) A customer who is not a consumer may, after submitting a complaint to the Company, seek redress before the court having jurisdiction and competence to hear the case (


These rules are effective from 01 April 2024

[1]The Consumer Protection Act divides an oral complaint into oral complaints made in person or otherwise. The regulation clearly sets out the obligation of the Companies, so a record must also be taken of complaints made orally (e.g. by telephone or Skype).